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For as long as I have been sentient, I’ve known that I am an artist. And I have created art during every phase of my existence. Sometimes I endeavor to capture beauty. Other creations tell a story or explore a new technique. As a student of art, I’ve endeavored to soak up every secret of those who’ve come before me. And then, as an artist, I attempt to jettison the tried and true to produce works that evoke true inspiration.


Artistic experience and education are the tools in my box that allow me to open the portals through which creativity can flow. And should a wild wind, through a passage that I’ve pried open, spill my bucket to create my finest work, I will give some credit to the wind.


A self-taught artist and entrepreneur, Keith Patterson began painting at the age of fourteen. His artwork includes award-winning cartoons, paintings, murals, and numerous corporate logos. Currently working with acrylic on canvas he blends a variety of techniques developed over a lifetime as an artist. Keith has closely studied the work of the Masters and you may get a sense of VanGogh, Monet, Pollack and others while viewing his work.


Nathan Keith Patterson III, who signs his work NKP3, is a native of Danville, VA. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from George Mason University and is an avid writer and musician. He is a past winner of the Mid-Atlantic Song Writing Contest and arranged and performed the soundtrack for a Nike commercial that received both ACE and CAB award nomination.


Keith and his wife, Kelli Scarrow Patterson, live on a small farm in Berryville, VA that they like to call "Le Petit Giverny" after Monet's glorious homeplace in Giverny, France. When the two were married in 2015, they asked their guests to gift them with flowering perennial flowers or shrubs to create the gardens. The farm is shared with horses, mini donkeys, dogs, cats and the company of fine friends. Keith and Kelli opened the Cosmic Harvest Gallery in the carriage house on the farm in September 2020.


According to Keith, “Ever since a boyhood adventure led to my discovery that the appearance of light changed when it passed through the glass from the bottom of a cola bottle, I’ve been fascinated with how light is made of the full spectrum of colors. I try to capture this phenomenon in my paintings.”

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