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What Readers are Saying...
       "A wild ride!"
       "My book club loves it!"
      "Reading 'Salim's Place' is like tripping in the Catacombs of Paris."
     "As an author, and as an artist, he is arrogant. And I usually don't like arrogance in artists or authors. But Keith can back it up."





The events unfolded in these tales, the collected shards of my fractured memories, are neither sworn truths nor total fictions. We all know that two different witnesses to the same history standing right beside each other are likely to have differing opinions as to what just transpired before them. Because perceptions, those mirrors to our souls that authors are damned to try and change in others, are born of deeper stuff than mere experiences of perspective. How do you change another person’s perceptions? The weight of human experience strongly suggests that this is rarely accomplished by telling the naked truth. So, as an author, I am compelled to call this collection of memories “fiction” even though the survivors and witnesses of these stories, both named and unmentioned, might own differing perceptions concerning the veracity of the situations described herein. And, because these stories were less written by me than gifted to me by The Universe, I can no more vouch for the Absolute Truths included than I can deny actually experiencing these events. The rest is just hyperbole.


Keith's book is available for purchase on Amazon and is available in hardback, paperback and Kindle. If you like the book please write a review!

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